Natural Branscombe


Natural Farm Produce     from East Devon

Healthy and sustainable beef

Red meat has suffered a bad press recently, but ours is healthy and sustainably produced, and can be eaten without a guilty conscience!  In fact, research has shown that beef from purely grass-fed animals, is naturally quite lean and high in omega 3 fats, natural minerals & vitamins.  It is also a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fat that can help reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and a number of immune disorders.  


Beef, in its natural grass-fed state, is a health food of the highest order!


We believe people should generally eat less meat, but when they do so, should choose naturally produced beef such as ours!


The beef from our Red Devon cattle is matured for three weeks to develop a wonderful flavour and tenderness, before it is cut and packed ready for you to cook it or freeze it.  We supply mixed boxes and individual cuts to suit your requirements.  Sometimes the beef is frozen, as being a seasonal product naturally 'fattened on grass', we don't have fresh beef available all year round.


Buying our beef helps to support this nature reserve's special habitats while enjoying a natural and locally produced delicacy.