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Natural Farm Produce     from East Devon

Our salad and vegetables

We also grow a range of vegetables which we supply locally.  Jenny specialises in growing interesting salad leaves, herbs and edible flowers that are supplied in mixed bags, to local customers, restaurants and shops.  If you are organising a special event such as a wedding, birthday party etc, or simply a summer bbq, we would be delighted to supply you with lovely fresh leaves and flowers- you will not be disappointed!  


Everything is grown naturally without artificial pesticides or fertilisers, and always picked the same day as it is delivered, for amazing freshness.  


A very local summer vegetable box scheme is on offer, supplying customers from Branscombe and the surrounding area.  We currently sell one size which costs £10 and usually contains around five to six different vegetables, and always a mixed salad bag.


Our salad bags are available in small retail packs with labels or in larger quantities for restaurants etc who want something a bit different on their plates.  The contents of the bags change with the seasons, but always contain between six and 10 different leaves, herbs and flowers, for an amazing flavour experience!    


If you are interested in the vegetable boxes or salad leaves for yourself, your shop or your restaurant, please drop us an email on  

Please see our Facebook page for current stockists of our salad bags

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